K. S. Infosystems

Micro ‘Human’ ATM​

The Concept

  • Tablet, Card Reader & Printer:
    1. Tablet hosts Micro ATM application, uses SIM data / WIFI
    2. EMV & PTS PCI Certified Reader with Pin-Pad, reads inserted ATM card; takes customer ATM PIN input
      Thermal printer (Bluetooth or USB), with paper roll, prints receipt
  • Micro ATM Application:
    1. Android Tablet (or mobile) based; iOS & Windows in Q4,
    2. Login, amount entry, communication to ATM Server & receive notification
  • ATM Server
    • Connects to Micro ATM Application on one side, and to ATM switch on another
    • Receives, processes, converts & manages transactions between Micro ATM Device & ATM Bank Switch
    • Integrates to ATM Switch on ISO 8583
    • Manages remote key injection (from bank HSM) to card reader device
    • Manages Merchant & Device registration, activation
    • Provides merchant authentication; manages device, m-App, transactions, fraud control mechanism / rules
    • On line real time transactions reporting
    • Merchants sells his goods & collects cash; accumulates cash thru the day
    • Customers with ATM cards visit merchant, withdraw cash using his Micro ATM system
    • Bank settles with merchant next day, by transfer to his account, after adjusting the merchant commission
    • Merchant ‘disposes off’ accumulated cash, consumer gets cash ‘nearby & conveniently’ & bank has no cost & hassle of installing & managing ATMs
      Micro ‘Human’ ATM
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