K. S. Infosystems

Introduction to KS Documan System

  • KS Documan enables Document Imaging i.e. it converts paper documents into electronic data
  • Provides tools to quickly identify and retrieve information when required
  • Maintains security of information of national importance
  • Provides a secure, centralized document management system
  • Assures data consistency and durability
  • Facilitates paperless records management
  • Backups, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Business Process Redesign, Automation, and Management
  • Electronic Business Forms and Machine-Readable Business Forms
  • Electronic and Digital S


Our focus is to collaboratively generate technology solutions into profitable business by being in the forefront of technology development.


With the power of talent and innovation that our team brings on the table, we provide our customers with high quality, relevant and customised technological solutions, which are easy, efficient, and safe to use.

KS Documan : A Digital Stockpile

Challenges and need for the software

  • Regulating/Governing bodies and organizations deal with massive pool of paper documents
  • Complicated to manually manage files
  • Becomes difficult to locate required documents
  • Storage of piles of data is chaotic
  • Highly critical information is prone to damage
  • Searching and retrieving information is time consuming as the old documents are embedded deep down under huge stacks of records

Process and Components of the software

  • The System consists of the database/application server which contains the data repository.
  • Client applications running on the desktop can access the application server using local area network (LAN)
  • KS will be responsible for the complete design of the ICT infrastructure

Wherever there are documents, there is a need for KS Documan for paperless storage, management and digital archiving.

  • Banks and other financial establishments
  • Universities and academia-related organizations
  • Courts and legal bodies
  • Business associations
  • Government organizations
  • Public/ Social institutions
  • High Commission and Embassies
  • Hospitals and other health organizations
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