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Challenges and the need for the software Roadworthiness

  • Vehicle Licensing Authority issues road worthy sticker to the vehicles after the inspection of their fitness and approval for the same. This fitness is supposed to be renewed after a specified time according to vehicle.
  • Middlemen who issue fake stickers cause revenue loss to the vehicle licensing authority
  • Unfit vehicles aren’t roadworthy, and could prove to be a threat for the driver’s as well as other road users’ safety
  • Unfit vehicles contribute to the pre-existing threat of global warming and other environmental hazards
  • Affects the peace of mind of the vehicle owners as they aren’t able to distinguish between the authentic and the fake sticker
  • Vehicle licensing authority doesn’t have any information regarding the fitness renewal schedule of the vehicles carrying the fake stickers

Don’t worry! Just Vehify your vehicle. Vehify, a software developed by KS Infosystems ensures authenticity and efficiency of the roadworthiness system and prevents the activities of the middle man. Vehify is a comprehensive system wherein the roadworthy stickers are equipped with RFID tags. These RFID tags contain information such as vehicle number, colour, make and model, owner’s name and information, issuing and the expiration date of the sticker. Following is the step wise procedure of Vehify:

  • Process starts with the registration of vehicle in the central database repository of the Vehicle Licensing Authority.
  • After the fitness inspection, RFID roadworthy stickers are allotted to the vehicles.
  • POS devices are allotted to the Traffic Police, with which they scan the information from RFID tags and can impose fines in case of expired RFID or stolen vehicle.
  • After receiving the information about the stolen vehicle by police authority, the information is sent to the data repository of the traffic police. This information contains details such as owner’s name and RFID tag number. This information is also shared on POS devices and after scanning the RFID tag, the stolen vehicle is identified.
  • Prior notifications are sent to the customers through SMS so that they could get the fitness renewed again.
  • Real time MIS reports are created and are updated in the Vehicle Licensing Authority’s central database repository.

Features of Vehify

  • It helps to maintain a track of total number of vehicles registered, total number of vehicle registration to be renewed per day/month/year, total number of vehicles registered so far and total number of vehicles pending for renewal.
  • It provides dashboard to view the number of expired and renewed RFID tags daily.
  • Administrator at the vehicle licensing authority offices can choose to send vehicle numbers of expired road worthy to the traffic police for arrest/renewal.
  • Server is able to generate various customized reports as required.

Why Vehify?

Vehify is a cutting edge technology which enables the vehicle licensing authority to work with efficiency. Vehify provides numerous advantages including:

  • Increase in the revenue generation of the vehicle licensing authority.
  • Hinders the activities of middlemen
  • Record maintenance to provide handy information about the expiration and renewal dates of roadworthiness.
  • Leads to the reduction in environmental threat-causing possibilities
  • Ensures road safety by reducing the chances of road accidents and theft
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