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Vehify is a cutting edge technology that enables the vehicle licensing authority to work efficiently. Vehify is the technology Africa has been missing for a long time. Contact us to know more. It starts its working when any vehicle reaches the DVLA station for testing. The vehicle owner submits the documents required and pays the fees for Electronic Verification Registration of the vehicle. It takes the process further by issuing a token. The token is issued only when the vehicle owner pays the fees. Then the vehicle goes to the Testing and Repairing room. The personnel at DVLA center tests the driving conditions of the car.

If it doesn’t approve; the vehicle goes under certain checks and repairing process and then again goes to the Testing and Repairing Room for check.

If DVLA system approves the condition of the car, the DVLA TAG activation process starts. From there, the data gets automatically uploaded to the Electronic Vehicle Registration Host Database Server via Cloud.

The DVLA tag is now allocated to the vehicle owner. Now you don’t have to pay fine as your vehicle has DVLA and you aren’t a defaulter.

What if you don’t have DVLA Tag?

You may be subject to the legal penalty of the amount decided by the Government in case of not having Tag or found Defaulter.  At any check-post, the MTTU officer carrying POS Device may scan your Tag and check the status of your vehicle. The action may be taken on the basis of your DVLA Tag status.

How DVLA Tags work?

DVLA Tag tells the MTTU office of the driving condition of your vehicle. When the MTTU officer scans the tag, the POS device sends the data to the server to verify the driving condition.

What does DVLA Tag tell?

The tag gives the information such as Stolen Vehicle, Registration Expired, Tech-compliance Expired, any Tax due or Unpaid and the status of the insurance. DVLA is the way of maintaining safety on the road.

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