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Driving License​

With a high degree of data security and veracity, smartcard based Driving Licenses are much in demand. Considering its functionality and utility, it is obliviously more secure and robust than conventional paper Driving License. Modern Driving License contains both visible and readable format, which enables data to be scanned easily during traffic check, administrative process or just at the time of hiring car. It also act as your ID card. Globally, this smartcard technology is giving a whole new service quality to transport and logistic sector.

Driving license card solution include

  • Issuing  smart card  based licenses  and  registration  certificates.
  • The driving  license also has tactile  (raised)  surfaces,  tactile engraved text,  changing  colors as well  as complex  background designs.
  • The smart cards come with  a facility  to record  traffic  violations  and details of any convictions  relating  to road accidents.
  • Unique  ID  number — provides  quick access  to Holders  files.
  • Smart card  also prevents  duplicates  or fraudulent  licenses.
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